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Gif-ing Some Info About Myself.

Quick point: Now that you’re here, feel free to go grab a glass of something while all the GIFs are loading. I just want to... read more

Work Smart, Play Hard – The Digital Nomad Lifestyle.

So what do you do? I’m a Digital Nomad. That answer to that question made me understand how much wider the concept Digital Nomad is... read more

Marketing. What’s that?

  Marketing. Magic word. It can do anything. It can get anything. It can solve anything. It can buy anything. It can sell anything. We... read more

The Benefits of Rejection.

REJECTION. Such a scary word. It’s probably one of the most painful feelings we can experience. Worthless, insignificant, abandoned, mediocre or miserable, are just a... read more

You’ll Be The First Female Executive In The Company… (Final Part)

In case you haven’t read the first part, we recommend you to look at it before reading the final part: You’ll be the first female executive... read more

What Brand Best Defines You? You.

  In this post, I’d like to share an experience that took place during Fall 2010 at a Brand Management class I was taking at... read more

You’ll Be The First Female Executive In The Company… (Part 1)

-You’ll be the first female executive in the company, but there will be a trial period… -You can be thankful to your branch manager for... read more

The Idea Of ‘For The Love Of Branding’

My mom and I use to get together once a week for breakfast, and she always makes me laugh when she tells me stories and... read more

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