The Idea Of 'For The Love Of Branding' - FOR THE LOVE OF BRANDING The Idea Of 'For The Love Of Branding' - FOR THE LOVE OF BRANDING

The Idea Of ‘For The Love Of Branding’

Communications Jan 25, 2016 No Comments


My mom and I use to get together once a week for breakfast, and she always makes me laugh when she tells me stories and experiences about her professional career. Not only she makes me laugh, though, but also teaches, inspires and advises me, wishing that I can use her knowledge in my own professional career. But she always insists in that I should adapt it to my own style and circumstances, and I can see that she’s confident about that because she trusts me and takes for granted that that’s the way I’ll do it. We communicate quite well with each other. I think she’s a good mentor.

We talk about very different subjects, exchange thoughts and expose a wide range of situations. We never argue, though, we don’t like arguing, we understand how important is to respect and accept each other’s opinions and style. We are similar and different, and we are both passionate about marketing, communications, and branding.

My mom and I belong to two different generations, with distinct points of view, and most of the times with opposite styles. And that’s why our breakfasts together tend to be quite a lot of fun.

And it was like that, how one of those mornings we came up with the idea that maybe we could share all those fun moments and experiences with all of you who feel like following us.

Oriol Boix Sancho

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