You’ll Be The First Female Executive In The Company… (Final Part) - FOR THE LOVE OF BRANDING You’ll Be The First Female Executive In The Company… (Final Part) - FOR THE LOVE OF BRANDING

You’ll Be The First Female Executive In The Company… (Final Part)

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In case you haven’t read the first part, we recommend you to look at it before reading the final part: You’ll be the first female executive in the company… (Part 1)

As I was observing carefully my general manager while he was speaking to me, I kept on listening to him patiently during his 4-hour speech about my big promotion within the company. I was observing him, but he wasn’t observing me. Neither he listened to me, asked me anything, or showed any interest in my opinion. He was absolutely confident that I wouldn’t refuse his offer.

Frankly speaking – how can a general manager display all his “plan” underestimating the criteria and personality of his/her interlocutor?

Even though I was professionally prepared and mentally open for a professional promotion, my intuition soon warned me that my general manager’s proposal was maybe of high interest to him, but certainly wasn’t convenient to me at all. As soon as I realized about that, I couldn’t think of anything else than how I could manage to decline his offer. I was aware that by doing so, there could be negative consequences for me within the company. It went like this:

– I appreciate it “Mr. General Manager”, but you haven’t given me any new salary proposal.

His answer was: – Oh well, I haven’t thought about it. After the trial period, we’ll talk.

– “Mr. General Manager”, I do like to succeed in every business I get involved with, and honestly, in my opinion, what you’re proposing to me has doubtful chances of success. And furthermore, if you aren’t giving me any new salary proposal, I will ask you to please leave me where I currently am.

– You’re not making things easy – he responded.

We didn’t reach any agreement.

The next day I received a phone call from a very influential person in the main office, suggesting me to talk again to the general manager, to what I responded:

– So, are you telling me that I have to tell my general manager what he’s supposed to do?

– Yes – he said.

– Unfortunately, from my current position I don’t have the authority to provide guidelines to my general manager – I responded.

We never spoke again about the subject and I remained in the same position I was holding by then, without receiving any reprisal.

Clearly speaking, I will tell you that in my understanding (and believe me, I’m not mistaken), the hidden intention of my general manager wasn’t promoting me but a third party, using me to clear up his way. Still, I would have accepted if I had been given a fair new salary proposal, and later on I would have implemented constructive methods that would have probably worked out positively for the company. The behavior of my general manager told me that not even him was taking his offer seriously.

The real professional promotion came to me a little later, directly from the board of directors.

Sometimes it’s convenient to say NO.


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